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Spain Holidays ~ Your Travel Guide to Spain

Spain, located on the southwest Europe is the third biggest country in Europe comprising most of the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic and the Canary Islands.

Spain is the thriving member of the European Union. It is an urban country with %75 percent of its citizens living in cities. Spain's population is about 40 million and Madrid is the capital city and the centre of the transportation network with 5 million residents. Madrid is located in the centre of Spain.


From bustling cities to historical towns, there are so much to see in Spain. The countryside of Spain is mountainous and other regions are mostly rolling hills and olive groves and rolling hills. Nearly 15 million people travel to Spain each year. Attracted by its sunshine, beaches and unique culture. There are many trips in Spain to be enjoyed. Famous Andalucía horses at Spanish riding schools are a must take attraction. Barcelona is world famous place to see in everyone's list. World known Costas, especially Costa del Sol and Costa Brava worth seeing. The Basque Country, the elegant San Sebastian town and Bilbao hosting the famous Guggenheim Museum also worth seeing. At the ancient Castilla y Leon, holidaymakers may see the old and spectacular Castilian cities of Burgos, Leon, Salamanca and Segovia. Navarra is famous with the bull running which is the part of the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona. La Rioja is very famous with its wines.

Underneath its modern exterior, Spain's traditions run deep. In Andalucía, the country's southern region, vineyards still lies for thousands of years. Spain's Andalucía region is heavenly and scenic with its famous white washed towns of Seville, Cordoba and Granada. Holidaymakers mostly prefer he region worthy of its golden sandy beaches, 5 star hotels and excellent climate. Flamenco music and dance are also born in Andalucía. Flamenco dance is Spain's unique. You may enjoy an evening with lively Flamenco dance until dawn.

The coasts of Spain are washed by the Atlantic Ocean on the north and by the Mediterranean Sea on the south. Spain's coastline measures more than 3,000 kilometers divided into six larger sections including Costa de la Luz, Costa Brava, Cosra Dorada, Costa del Azahar, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz. Even though every Spanish beach boasts an excellent climate and decent beauties of nature, the most visited is Costa del Sol. Its wonderful coast belt and excellent golden sandy beaches is very ideal for summer beach and family holidays in Spain.

The Balear Islands and Canary Islands are the centre of beach holidays, nightlife and nature. Canary Islands are the fastest developing region in Spain. A real tourist paradise. They are capable of receiving seven million tourists every year. Crystal clear waters are over 20 C during June till September.

Dine & Wine in Spain
Dine & Wine in Spain is very important. No visits may be complete without tasting the famous Spanish Paella and locally produced Spanish wines. Spain is a country that loves to stay at late and to be entertained. Spain's country resorts are worthy of fresh air and physical renewal. Spain is also one of the world's major producer of wine, especially fine cherries.

One of Spain's greatest attractions is its cuisine. The most obvious food to eat in Spainish cuisine is of course Paella, which is probably the best known dish to come from Spain. It’s made from short grain rice and can include a range of seafood or meat, as well as vegetables such as peas and peppers. With its olive, vegetables and fruits, Spain has a famous Moorish culture. Spain is also a leading producer of fine wines. You may try any Spanish Tapas Bars worthy of its name with variety of tasty food such as pickles on cocktail sticks, homely omelets, cheeses and hams, baby earthenware casseroles with sizzling hot dishes and elegant mayonnaise-topped mouthfuls.

Sangría is a popular tourist drink made from red wine, lemon & orange juice, mineral water, sugar, fruit pieces and ice. Spanish desert named "crema catalana" is very popular.

There is no way to stay hungry in Spain. People mostly prefer breakfast between 07.30-10.00 p.m., lunch between 02.00-03.00 p.m. and dinner between 09.00-10.00 p.m. People prefer to enjoy nice long evening with variety of entertainments.

Shopping in Spain
is a paradise for shopping activities with its variety of huge shopping malls, street stores and designer shops. Souvenirs, ceramics, leather products, variety of food are the popular shopping items in Spain.

El Corte Ingles are the chain shopping mall in all Spain worth visiting. It has branches in many cities and open till 9 p.m. including the siesta breaks. You may see what Spanish people are buying in their shopping activities from that shopping centres. The artificial pearls of Majorca is also very popular.

Golf in Spain
Spain is the most popular country in Europe for golf lovers. It is possible to find more than a hundred quality and luxury golf locations both on the main land and on the islands. If you are big golf lover, then Costa del Sol is the perfect destination. Costa del Sol is a very popular and famous golf destination with more than 60 golf courses. Costa del Golf is the region's other name with quality golfing services and suitable golfing climate. Costa del Sol can be considered as the golf paradise of Europe.

On the Islands; Majorca on the Balearic Islands has a nice golfing opportunities. Gran Canaria on the Canary Islands hosts the oldest golfing club in Spain. Read more about Golf holidays in Spain >>>

Entertainment & Nightlife in Spain
Because that Spanish people prefer to dine after 9.00-10.00 p.m., the nightlife and entertainment in Spain starts very late and goes for till dawn. The most popular early night entertainment places are the pubs or bars (bars de cupas) with high volume music. Spanish people prefer to go to discos and nightclubs mostly about 02.00 am. Barcelona is one of the best and shining nightclubs in Europe. Madrid can be considered as a city that never sleeps and Ibiza is European leader of nightlife and nightclubs.

Flamenco Dance
Flamenco and its dance is a great attraction for the holidaymakers in their Spain holidays. Flamenco nightclubs are very popular in all regions of Spain. Flamenco songs are separated into 2 groups. Cante chico is the joyful and more alive one and cante jonto is more like telling about love and death with slow rhythms. The motherland of Flamenco is Andalucía so it is better to go Andalucía bars and nightclubs to watch real flamenco dance and nights. La Latina street in Madrid also allows visitors to experience real flamenco.


Other Entertainment Activities
Spanish people like opera very much. There a lot of world famous opera artists. The best known and famous places for opera  include Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, Teatro Real in Madrid, Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville and Palau de les Arts in Valencia. Auditorio Nacional de Musica in Madrid hosts the Spanish National Orchestra. Spain has lots of culture and entertainment activities especially in summer times. You may apply to the Tourism Offices of the region you are to know more about the local activities such as concerts, theatres and festivals.


Spain Holidays

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   Useful Telephone Numbers in Spain
  • Emergencies : 112
  • Medical Emergencies : 061
  • Civil Guard  : 062
  • National Police : 091
  • Municipal Police : 092
  • Highway Information : 900 123 505 (
  • AENA (Spanish Airports and Air
    Navigation) :
    902 404 704 (
  • National Railways : 902 240 202 / 902 432 343
  • International information : 902 243 402 ( , (
  • Citizen Information : 010
  • Post office : 902 197 197 (

Tourist Information on Autonomous Communities in Spain

 ANDALUSIA 901 200 020
 ARAGON 902 477 000
 ASTURIAS 902 300 202
 BALEARIC ISLANDS 971 177 150 
 BASQUE COUNTRY 943 481 166
 CANARY ISLANDS 928 293 698
 CANTABRIA 901 111 112
 CASTILE-LA MANCHA 925 287 180
 CASTILE & LEÓN 902 203 030
 CATALONIA 934 849 900
 CEUTA 856 200 560
 EXTREMADURA 924 008 343
 GALICIA 902 200 432
 LA RIOJA 941 291 260
 MADRID 902 100 007
 MELILLA 952 680 480
 MURCIA 902 101 070
 NAVARRE 848 420 420
 VALENCIA 902 123 212

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