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Eating Out in Valencia - What to Eat in Valencia?

One of Valencia’s main attractions is its wide variety of gastronomy. Travelers in Valencia may find numerous restaurants in Valencia to enjoy traditional dishes, tapas and aperitifs in the city and in the area surrounding Valencia.

The most obvious food to eat in
Valencia is of course Paella, which originates from the restaurants in this city and is probably the best known dish to come from Spain. It’s made from short grain rice and can include a range of seafood or meat, as well as vegetables such as peas and peppers.

A Valencian specialty and variation on the standard paella is the "arroz a banda" which is served with garlic oil, while the fish and rice are cooked separately to prevent the flavors from mixing.

Another rice dish commonly prepared in Valencia is made from rice, cuttlefish, spinach, beet, cauliflower and other vegetables and ingredients, stewed in an oven. If you’ve had enough of rice, try the "fideua", made from noodles and seafood and is a specialty of Valencia.

Typical dishes in Valencia involve plenty of rabbit, chicken, rice, potatoes, olive oil and vegetables (especially tomatoes), so expect these ingredients to predominate on many restaurants’ menus. Anyone who has been on some Tunisia holidays will notice the remarkable similarities between this food and that of the north African country, as the Spanish have had a large influence during the time of their reign over Tunisia.

Valenicans love their bakeries, so you will never be short of every type of bread under the simmering Mediterranean sun, along with endless amounts of Valencian donuts, coconut cakes, almond rosegons, peladillas, mazapanes, and other offshoots from the city’s Moorish history which include volumes of honey, almonds and sugar.

If you want a drink, there’s plenty of beverages to choose from which have a home in Valencia. Spain’s wine industry would most definitely be lacking without Valencia’s selection of white, sweet rose and red wines, the latter which are fruity, medium-bodied an intensely aromatic.


Horchata de Chufas is a traditional and milky drink made from mashed up tiger nuts (chufas). Sweet, aromatic and refreshing, it’s perfect on a hazy summer day in Valencia, and is yellow and full-bodied treat, introduced by the city’s Islamic epoch. "Agua de Valencia" is a cava-based sangria served in a large pitcher to be shared out, intended to start a party (or keep it going at any time of the night). It also includes vodka, gin and orange juice, which various other ingredients depending on where you are. Although always with a kick.

Apart from Valencian food, cuisine from the other Spanish regions can also be enjoyed in many Basque, Galician or Andalusian restaurants as well as international, exotic and ethnic dishes.

In addition to
restaurants in Valencia, Valencia also offers a wide range of appetizing gastronomic options to be enjoyed before and after meals that include; wine bars, cafés, horchaterías, ice cream parlours and cafés. From terraces with a genuine Mediterranean feel to avant-garde bars, every traveler will find a special place on their Valencia holidays.

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